Frosty Fest

Our Christmas event for children has been named as “Frosty Fest”.

We know from past experience this will be anything but “Frosty”. The afternoon will feature crafts and games suitable for boys and girls of 4 to 12 years of age. And there will be a special guest appearance from Santa and his elves. Santa will be with the group from 3 – 4pm to supervise the crafts and lend a helping hand.

It will also be a chance for parents to get a photo of their children with Santa. For the €5 charge your child will receive 2 hours of fun and games, Santa will be there with his elves to help with the crafts and games. The games and crafts will be based on current children’s favourite authors. Each child will leave with a letter from Santa along with a treat.

To Book a place for your child, please call us on 046 9029693

Scary Pumpkins followed closely by the jolly man with a beard.

The end of October signals not only bonfires and fireworks but the arrival of the run up to Christmas.

Samples of art work created by children’s craft class.

In the Claremont office much attention is always taken up with ideas for fundraising. This year, our Christmas event is a Craft and Fun afternoon (23rd November) with a visitor from the North Pole who promises he is simply dropping in for cookies and tea and not to check on his naughty or nice list. The afternoon will have a very organized creative leader, Kelly from Button Books Kells, who will stir in just enough fun to make certain everyone enjoys their craft filled session.

More information on this event will be posted on Facebook , later in the month.

Santa relaxing after his extra large breakfast here in Claremont Stadium last year.

Courses, Sports and Events

October has arrived and brought with it new courses, and events here at Claremont.

Art classes are always popular and tend to become a social event, with Tutor Carol O’Connor steering them back to art. Art Classes take place on Wednesday mornings from 10.30am to 12.30pm

Fitness for over 50’s will start on the 15th October at 10.30 in the morning. This course is aimed at those who take no exercise at all. It will be a gentle start to get everyone up and moving, along with some cognitive exercises to keep everyone’s memory as sharp as possible. The course is supported by Athletics Ireland who provided training for the leaders/coaches.

Parkvilla FC are fundraising to improve the junior pitches and we are supporting them by providing a team to take part in the Lip Sync Event on the 14th October. We are also holding a Coffee Morning on Friday 4th October to raise awareness and funds for the Club.

Claremont Stadium is currently working on a biodiversity project, at the Stadium where we have some patches of waste ground. We would love to brighten the area by planting pollinator plants, wild flowers and providing the odd hotel for any passing bugs. This is one of our projects for the next few months, along with holding information events on topics such as upcycling, recycling and how we each can play our part in this fight against climate change.


We are all aware that foster parents improve the lives of children. However, there is a shortage of foster parents and TUSLA (The Child and Family Agency) are holding an information evening on the 10th October in Claremont Stadium at 7pm.

For more information on any of these courses or events please contact us on 046 9029693


Life expectancy is increasing year in year out, this is a simple fact. So, with this in mind, it is important we look to having a “Healthy Old Age”. And this term covers not only an increase in the number of years we live but the key is to avoid or prevent enduring chronic disease in our old age.

Last year, Claremont Stadium was the venue for the Athletics Ireland Memtrain Erasmus + programme which aimed to improve cognitive skills in mature adults by combining physical exercise + brain training. We were not the only group testing this project. It was used across other European countries.

The result was the development of the FIT4FIFTY+ . The idea is to get people of 55 years and older who are currently living a sedentary lifestyle to become more active, starting with a walk to jog program. Their goal being to be able to walk or jog for 2.5k or 5k.

If you are interested in taking part in this program please contact us at 046 9029693 and we will get back to you.

Fit4Fifty+ will start on October 15th here at Claremont Stadium at 10.30am The cost of the program is €40 for six weeks.

Keeping the lights on….thank you

Many of us fail to understand the importance of the few cents we throw in donation tins on retail counters throughout the country. But Claremont Stadium is living proof that every cent and every kind word counts.

In a world dominated by a drive to “have”, we witness many who are driven by a need to “give”. We see evidence of their kindness when we hold charity events or fundraising events, they are the first ones who laughingly ask, “what do you want me to do?”

We appreciate their generosity of time and their good humour. Without both, our lights would never continue to shine and to them we say Thank you.


To book a meeting room, pitch, sports hall or the athletic track at our venue

As a community sports stadium office we are aware how important social media is in today’s world. More importantly we realize that time is short and often clicking a button to book a venue is a simple option. With that in mind, we have put our venue on line with a booking group called Book a

If you wish to book a room, the track, sports hall or check on the availablitiy please click on this link

This allows you, the customer to see what is available, and us to keep track of who is coming in and what they will need. It is a simple but effective way of dealing with customers.

Summer Extremes

Here in Claremont Stadium, we are witness to not only the extremes of Irish weather – a favorite topic in Ireland – but to extremes of activity. When Schools finish for the Summer which is the 30th June parents are often faced with a dilemma of how to keep their children happy and more importantly active. This is where we come in as Claremont Stadium has a 400 meter 8 lane olympic track and a basket ball hall along with many individual meeting rooms.

This year we have many Summer Camps /Activities where the children arrive at 10am and stay until 2pm.

The Trouble with Summer

The trouble with Summer, in particular Irish Summers, is its unpredictable nature. Claremont Stadium always attempts to cover all eventualities by offering Summer Camps that can happen either indoors or outdoors. Claremont is a great venue with an athletic track and a sports hall that can accommodate a large number.

This year the camps we have on offer are varied and as the posters say if you are interested either ring us or contact the number on the poster.

Encouraging Children to be Active at Claremont Stadium

As you can see the children who took part in the sports program earlier in the year had fun. What you don’t see is how early they all appeared every Saturday to take part in the sports. The only complaint was made by a parent who said they were being woken early on Saturday mornings to make sure everyone arrived on time.