Our Athletic track is 20 years old –

Like all not for profit organizations, Claremont Stadium’s volunteers are part of the success of the Stadium. 18 years ago I came for a visit with my 12 year old son who was a sports addict and wanted to run. So we arrived, he joined the athletic club and I witnessed first hand over the years the difference having a track to run and walk on made to the local and far reaching community.

Over the years this track has seen some spectacular events, the most memorable for me was the Special Olympic events, where we volunteered along with some of the athletic club over 16’s to help with the event. We all got so much fun from the day that the comments from my much younger co-helpers stuck with me ever since. They, found it energising, uplifting and humbling the way these athletes of different abilities could help each other get over the finish line. The party atmosphere stuck with us all for a long time after.

Meath Championships, Leinster U23’s, club events and community events have taken place on this track, so it was sad for us to witness it fall into a state of disrepair due to the harsh weather conditions of the last few years. We tried to mend and repair but eventually we had come to realise it needed to go.

The old track – worn out and splitting
Keith Russell – hero to many of us – ran 227km in 24 hours to raise awareness of the need for the new track.

So this month work began on a brand new shiny track. As the work continues so does our fundraising for this track. Corona virus hit at a bad time for our fundraising program and plans to make up the deficit of 80,000 euros. However, we got stuck in to the problem and found ways around it. We have a great committee and support team. Todate, through a 24 hour Ultra run – Keith Russell was the runner who ran 227 km over the 24 hours – and a virtual run, and now a #60secondchallenge for families, we have a gofundme page total of just over 19,000 euros. Our other fundraising ideas are a sponsored run, a creative writing challenge, and a clothes drive (as soon as Covid 19 regulations permit it).

Last but not least our old track is being bought in sections by various community groups who need a soft surface for walkers/runners. All money raised goes straight to the track fund.

Which leads me to a question? What fundraising ideas have we missed? If you have a suggestion we would love to hear from you in the comments below.


Emotions are running amok, since early March when all of the Covid 19 precautions kicked in and we were made aware that this virus was going to stop our normal lives many people I have met have admitted to feeling a little lost at times.

The question is how to stay motivated, I have no answers but there are plenty of suggestions on the www that might be of help to anyone who is struggling at present. Here is a list of sites you might like to visit.

Dr Eric Perry is a very positive wordpress account to check out

MeathPPN website has an interactive map for services available

The HSE site also has links to many services for those who are anxious or worried or simply need someone to talk to or get advice.

With schools closed, home schooling is a necessity and schools are working with parents. However if you feel a secondary school pupil needs grinds this site might be of help: homeschool.ie

Aloha Mental Arithmetic have started their online lesson plan.

TAG Meath Autism group are also on facebook.

At this time CORE Ireland (Meath) are still accepting/distributing food to find out more please check their facebook page.

Though the stadium is closed the office staff are working from home, so please let us know if there is any way we can help you.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Kind Words

Claremont Stadium is a large stadium. Many people drive by it and do not know what happens here or how a not for profit community stadium manages to survive in this busy polished world.

Below Helen tells her story of the connection she made with us and it is a connection as Helen brightens everyone’s day whenever she is in the stadium.

I want to thank Claremont Stadium for all of the wonderful years there, the staff is and always has been so helpful and supportive.

My children and grandchildren have been to numerous summer camps, the International days and sports days.

My journey started in Claremont stadium with Andy Connelly. I started a group in Claremont stadium for family’s to support each other. I did this for many years and the support that I got from the staff was outstanding.. I loved being a part of the community.

My journey changed last year when I was diagnosed with lung cancer and lost half of my lung and of course the staff of Claremont Stadium rang me to see did I need any support. I mentioned I needed to start walking again so that I could build myself back up and of course they offered me the facilities of the track and gym. Thankfully it helped me to recover I would like to thank all the staff for their support over the last year and previous 20 years, I’ll always be very grateful to them.

Helen Callan

May 2019

The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


The above picture is not  of a sporting, educational or social theme but it seemed apt as we set off on a blog journey, to simply tell it as it is, as it happens.

We are a not for profit Community Stadium, in Navan, County Meath, Ireland. This means we are a small group. You can learn more about us on our about us page.