Our Athletic track is 20 years old –

Like all not for profit organizations, Claremont Stadium’s volunteers are part of the success of the Stadium. 18 years ago I came for a visit with my 12 year old son who was a sports addict and wanted to run. So we arrived, he joined the athletic club and I witnessed first hand over the years the difference having a track to run and walk on made to the local and far reaching community.

Over the years this track has seen some spectacular events, the most memorable for me was the Special Olympic events, where we volunteered along with some of the athletic club over 16’s to help with the event. We all got so much fun from the day that the comments from my much younger co-helpers stuck with me ever since. They, found it energising, uplifting and humbling the way these athletes of different abilities could help each other get over the finish line. The party atmosphere stuck with us all for a long time after.

Meath Championships, Leinster U23’s, club events and community events have taken place on this track, so it was sad for us to witness it fall into a state of disrepair due to the harsh weather conditions of the last few years. We tried to mend and repair but eventually we had come to realise it needed to go.

The old track – worn out and splitting
Keith Russell – hero to many of us – ran 227km in 24 hours to raise awareness of the need for the new track.

So this month work began on a brand new shiny track. As the work continues so does our fundraising for this track. Corona virus hit at a bad time for our fundraising program and plans to make up the deficit of 80,000 euros. However, we got stuck in to the problem and found ways around it. We have a great committee and support team. Todate, through a 24 hour Ultra run – Keith Russell was the runner who ran 227 km over the 24 hours – and a virtual run, and now a #60secondchallenge for families, we have a gofundme page total of just over 19,000 euros. Our other fundraising ideas are a sponsored run, a creative writing challenge, and a clothes drive (as soon as Covid 19 regulations permit it).

Last but not least our old track is being bought in sections by various community groups who need a soft surface for walkers/runners. All money raised goes straight to the track fund.

Which leads me to a question? What fundraising ideas have we missed? If you have a suggestion we would love to hear from you in the comments below.

When Old Age Threatens – (An athletic track)

The title is a little misleading, perhaps I should have called it what happens when an athletic track reaches its best before or use by date.

The track at Claremont Stadium is now 20 years old. Since it was first laid it has had many famous and not so famous feet pounding their way around it. It is the home of Navan Athletic Club and is a second home to many clubs in the County of Meath and in Leinster.

As a member of Navan Athletic Club for over 12 years I know how vital a role it has played in many peoples lives. Athletics is a sport for everyone, regardless of your ability, or your need to compete, many simply run for overall health. The track has been the venue for County and Club Championships, Leinster Championships, Special Olympic training days and events, Meath Local Sports Partnership Courses for walkers, runners and learn to cycle groups, not to mention the many personal trainers who have held courses. All in all over 200 clubs and groups make use of the Stadium on a regular basis.

Hisilicon K3

So when the track became worn and due to bad winters and hot summers it began to show signs of deterioration, we knew a patch up was not going to work. The stadium staff and board began the long search for finding a grant to help put in a new track.The cost of relaying a new track comes in at €260,000. Happily earlier this year, the stadium was given a life line in the form of €180,000 from the Sports Capital program. This means the track will be replaced in July/August this year, Covid 19 Regulations allowing.

Fundraising was planned for various events, bag packs, fun runs, family fitenss challenge etc but with the arrival of Coronavirus all of these plans were put aside.

Our fundraising is now operating courtesy of our fundraising committee and some local volunteers, and donations can be made on our GoFundMe page: New Track 4 Navan.

Team Simon, (in memory of BBC Cameraman Simon Cumbers who was also a Navan AC member ) are working hard to help us with this fundraising and we thank them for their continued support.

Keith Russell, who runs ultra distances for many charities, will wear out yet another pair of shoes running for the new track on Saturday 27th June starting at 12pm and running for 24 hours. Estimated distance 220km. Thank you Keith and his family.

Nichola Duffy, another lady who wears out many pairs of shoes runing great distances is promoting, supporting and giving her time to helping us with this fundraiser, thank you Nichola.

A local group of children enjoying the track.

Courses, Sports and Events

October has arrived and brought with it new courses, and events here at Claremont.

Art classes are always popular and tend to become a social event, with Tutor Carol O’Connor steering them back to art. Art Classes take place on Wednesday mornings from 10.30am to 12.30pm

Fitness for over 50’s will start on the 15th October at 10.30 in the morning. This course is aimed at those who take no exercise at all. It will be a gentle start to get everyone up and moving, along with some cognitive exercises to keep everyone’s memory as sharp as possible. The course is supported by Athletics Ireland who provided training for the leaders/coaches.

Parkvilla FC are fundraising to improve the junior pitches and we are supporting them by providing a team to take part in the Lip Sync Event on the 14th October. We are also holding a Coffee Morning on Friday 4th October to raise awareness and funds for the Club.

Claremont Stadium is currently working on a biodiversity project, at the Stadium where we have some patches of waste ground. We would love to brighten the area by planting pollinator plants, wild flowers and providing the odd hotel for any passing bugs. This is one of our projects for the next few months, along with holding information events on topics such as upcycling, recycling and how we each can play our part in this fight against climate change.


We are all aware that foster parents improve the lives of children. However, there is a shortage of foster parents and TUSLA (The Child and Family Agency) are holding an information evening on the 10th October in Claremont Stadium at 7pm.

For more information on any of these courses or events please contact us on 046 9029693