Scary Pumpkins followed closely by the jolly man with a beard.

The end of October signals not only bonfires and fireworks but the arrival of the run up to Christmas.

Samples of art work created by children’s craft class.

In the Claremont office much attention is always taken up with ideas for fundraising. This year, our Christmas event is a Craft and Fun afternoon (23rd November) with a visitor from the North Pole who promises he is simply dropping in for cookies and tea and not to check on his naughty or nice list. The afternoon will have a very organized creative leader, Kelly from Button Books Kells, who will stir in just enough fun to make certain everyone enjoys their craft filled session.

More information on this event will be posted on Facebook , later in the month.

Santa relaxing after his extra large breakfast here in Claremont Stadium last year.

Kind Words

Claremont Stadium is a large stadium. Many people drive by it and do not know what happens here or how a not for profit community stadium manages to survive in this busy polished world.

Below Helen tells her story of the connection she made with us and it is a connection as Helen brightens everyone’s day whenever she is in the stadium.

I want to thank Claremont Stadium for all of the wonderful years there, the staff is and always has been so helpful and supportive.

My children and grandchildren have been to numerous summer camps, the International days and sports days.

My journey started in Claremont stadium with Andy Connelly. I started a group in Claremont stadium for family’s to support each other. I did this for many years and the support that I got from the staff was outstanding.. I loved being a part of the community.

My journey changed last year when I was diagnosed with lung cancer and lost half of my lung and of course the staff of Claremont Stadium rang me to see did I need any support. I mentioned I needed to start walking again so that I could build myself back up and of course they offered me the facilities of the track and gym. Thankfully it helped me to recover I would like to thank all the staff for their support over the last year and previous 20 years, I’ll always be very grateful to them.

Helen Callan

May 2019